134 cases of Hepatitis A Outbreak in Nashville

134 cases of Hepatitis A Outbreak in Nashville

Medical experts in Nashville are warning of a new disease, as thousands of cases of Hepatitis A are confirmed here in Tennessee, hundreds of them in Davidson County.

Brian Todd, of Metro Public Health, stated, They’re still in an outbreak, although they see perhaps one or two cases every week in Nashville, people have to keep in mind that sounds low however that is what we would see in an entire year.

Health leaders aren’t sure what’s causing the unfold. However, they have seen trends within the communities the virus strikes.

They say it started nationally with the homeless community in San Diego and traveled east, however, the homeless population is not necessarily the basis of the issue locally.

Todd also stated, for them, out of the 226 cases perhaps a handful are homeless, what they have found is its more among drug users and men who have sexual contact with other men.

Hepatitis A attacks the liver and is unfold by way of an individual to individual contact. However, specialists say most of the people do not have to be overly involved until they are not vaccinated, or if they’ve dined at a restaurant the place, an employee has it.

“It’s very straightforward to unfold person to person, it may well typically contaminate water systems, it could get in meals, but the kind of transmission we’re speaking about on this occasion is shut person to person transmission,” says Dr. William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The good news is the vaccines are abundant and very efficient, even retroactively. You can get it as much as two weeks after exposure, and it will still work.