Stress and Anxiety Are Feelings That Can Be Good for Health

We are often advised that stress and anxiety are feelings that should be minimized. However, one psychologist needs to change that. At the Psychological Associations annual conference in Chicago, psychologist Damour, Ph.D., gave a presentation exhibiting how stress and anxiety can be positive forces in our lives, as long as we discover ways to listen to them.

Damour says that stress and anxiety shouldnt be avoided, however, embraced as our bodys approach of telling us that were encountering the kinds of tough experiences that can result in personal growth.

"My work with teenagers has acquired me thinking about how we as a culture, deal with anxiety and stress," Lisa Damour tells Inverse. And while she primarily treats adolescent girls, with this subject, she seeks to convey her message to the broader society.

"I would say theres an enormous gap — principally a Grand Canyon — between what we psychologists know about stress and anxiety, and the way the culture views anxiety and stress," she adds.

Lisa Damours argument is that the so-called "happiness industry," which consists of fashionable concepts about happiness that make us really feel bad or broken for not always being comfortable and stress-free, units us up for failure. In fact, Lisa Damour says, stress and anxiety are unavoidable aspects of everyday life for everyone, and they can have significant upsides.

Shekhar G

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