Liquor Store Giant Total Wine Signed a Bill Allowing Them Sale Hard Alcohols in Larger Quantities

On Monday Liquor store giant Total Wine got a win in Wisconsin with the signing of a bill that will allow some liquor shops to sell unlimited quantities of whiskey, gin, brandy, and other distilled spirits during a single Payment.

Democratic Governor Tony Evers signed the Republican-sponsored bill converting into the law following years of lobbying by Maryland based Total Wine to make the changes. Under the new law, a constraint on Class-B liquor license holders such as Total Wine from transacting more than 4-liters of hard alcohol at a time will be lifted. There had been no limits on beer, wine sales, and supporters bickered the change was about equity and convenience for the consumer.

From 2016 through 2018, Total Wine spent greater than $270,000 lobbying the Legislature, initially to make the change Evers signed into law.

Over the same interval, Total Wine co-owners Robert and David Trone gave $50,500 to members of the Legislature campaign efforts- with $43,000 going to Republicans and the rest of to the Democrats.

Evers did not get any donations. However, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos got $1,000, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald received $2,000. The committees they inspect to get Republicans elected to the Legislature obtained $24,500 since 2016. Kooyenga received $500.

Most retail shops have a Class A license, which does not permit for on-site consumption of alcohol except for tiny sips. They have no limits on how much hard- alcohol could be sold at a time.

Total Wine’s lobbyist Amy Boyer informed the Legislature in written testimony that its younger customers, particularly those in Generation X and millennials, are in search of experiential retailing” and need to learn more about alcohol by way of expanded taste testings’ and education.

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