The American Single Malt Whiskey

All over the world, when most individuals hear single malt whiskey,” they consider Scotch. However identical to champagne needs to be made in France, and Geuze needs to be made in Belgium, Scotch must be made in Scotland.

Westward Whiskey in Portland, Oregon, is among the distilleries serving to outline the reply. They produce a double pot-distilled whiskey from 100% malted barley — a single malt, however not a Scotch. A higher appellation can be American Whiskey,” however that’s not particular sufficient. Simply as most individuals suppose Scotch” once they hear single malt,” most individuals assume bourbon” or rye” after they hear American whiskey.” However, Westward’s Whiskey, whereas American, isn’t bourbon or rye.

Bourbon must be produced from 51% corn or extra, aged in new oak, and for at the least two years,” stated Miles Munroe, head distiller at Westward Whiskey. Most bourbon is made in column stills, most fermentations are sizzling and quick, in open-high tubs. Most bourbon can also be produced within the South, which has an extreme climate.”

In distinction, Westward produces their Whiskey with a sluggish, cool course of. They age in new oak however with a low char wooden, and Portland’s wet, cold winters and sizzling however dry summers present a particular climate fully than the American South.

Maybe it’s extra correct to name Westward Whiskey not only American Whiskey, however, American Single Malt — certainly, Westward’s co-founder Christian Krogstad is on the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission, which helps the brand new class create a normal of identity. However till they choose a definition, the terminology represents a captivating new frontier in a category dominated by strict adherence to custom. In contrast to Scotch or bourbon, the principles of American single malt are nonetheless being outlined, which permits for creativity and experimentation.

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