China Signals Declaration of War in Case of Taiwan Freedom Movement

China Signals Declaration of War in Case of Taiwan Freedom Movement

On Wednesday China warned it was ready for conflict if there was any move toward Taiwan’s independence, accusing the U.S. of undermining global stability and denouncing its arms sales to the self-ruled island.

This month, the United States authorized sales of weapons requested by Taiwan, together with tanks and Stinger missiles, estimated to be worth $2.2 billion.

China responded by saying it could impose sanctions on U.S. companies involved in any deals.

Defence Ministry spokesman Wu Qian told an information briefing on a defense white paper, the first like it in several years to stipulate the military’s strategic concerns, that China would make its best effort for peaceful reunification with Taiwan.

A spokesperson of U.S. State Department stated Washington remained dedicated to a “One-China” policy, below which Washington formally recognizes Beijing and never Taipei, whereas assisting Taiwan.

He mentioned U.S. arms gross sales to Taiwan have been a constant coverage of several U.S. administrations and had contributed to the maintenance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

The United States is the primary arms supplier to Taiwan, which China deems a wayward province. Beijing has by no means renounced the usage of force to convey the island under its control.

Whereas Washington has no formal ties with democratic Taiwan, it’s certain by law to help present it with the means to defend itself.

The Chinese ministry stated the United States had “provoked intensified competition amongst major countries, significantly elevated its defense expenditure … and undermined global strategic stability.”