ICAO Will Meet in Montreal Next Week Over Pilot Licensing

ICAO Will Meet in Montreal Next Week Over Pilot Licensing

Global regulators will meet in Montreal subsequent week to overview pilot licensing requirements, the U.N.’s aviation agency mentioned, as a part of a discussion that has gained urgency following two deadly crashes of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in the past year.

It’s the first time that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which sets global standards for 193 member countries, will undertake such a broad assessment on training requirements.

Whereas the meeting was not referred to as in response to the MAX crashes in Indonesia last October, and in Ethiopia in March, it coincides with more extensive debate on whether or not more and more automated commercial jets are compromising pilot skills. The 737 MAX has been grounded here worldwide and couldn’t be again in service for months yet.

Most consideration surrounding the two 737 MAX crashes that killed a complete of 346 people focuses on suspected flaws here in an automated stall-prevention system called MCAS, which Boeing Co implemented to make the MAX perform like earlier 737 models.

However, the training given to pilots to allow them to handle such issues easily can be under scrutiny, increasing an industry debate over pilot expertise that has been raging for years as crew spends much less and fewer time flying aircraft manually.

Along with regulators, representatives of a global pilots group are expected to attend the July 8-12 assembly, Marin mentioned. Marin is known as the assembly a “first step,” with any future change up to regulators.

In the USA, the Federal Aviation Administration elevated the variety of required training hours for commercial pilots from 250 to 1,500 in 2013, a transfer that some players have criticized as extreme, notably because the industry grapples with future pilot shortages.

On the Montreal assembly, regulators will talk about flying hours and competency-based coaching, the place pilots, exhibit abilities like landing an airplane, versus focusing on studying to fly and accumulating hours regardless of aircraft sort.