Rum Has Many Bizarre Recipes Around the Globe

Rum may remind you of pirates or your freshman year of school, but it surely doesn’t must be that approach. A flexible liquor for a variety of cocktails, from breezy tropical drinks to social gathering punches to the form of alcohol you order solo at a bar for pensive musing, and rum could build up to a lovely evening!

We collected the most bizarre recipes of rum cocktail recipes from our archives, from energetic to refreshing.

Stormy Weather is when the storms arrive to set your sails askew, flip to this drink to tide you thru. Wine with rum seems to be somewhat a match, mixing purple fruits with a wholesome sprint of spice.

Gallery Cojito is a beneficial serving of mint provides an aromatic and refreshing natural observe to tropical and candy coconut rum.

White Lion. An easy combo of white rum and lime will get success of flavorful allspice dram for a punchy cocktail not shy on taste.

Hotel Nacional. From a historic Cuban resort comes this thirst-quenching pineapple cocktail. Brilliant, fruity notes make it suitable for summer season days.

General’s Orders. How a couple of cocktail devoted to Gen. George Washington? Whereas he didn’t create the libation, it was impressed as an homage to an order he issued to ration spirits to his troops.

Black Squirrel.  It is a smooth mixture of rum and ice cream.

More Than a Mojito. Mojitos are such an iconic drink, and it appears nearly sacrilegious to add something to them. You’ll uncover that touch of culantro (a robust cousin of cilantro), pineapple and the tiniest little bit of vanilla will remodel this acquainted drink into one thing somewhat extra particular.

Pineapple Perk. Pineapple and coffee are the two main ingredients of the mixture.  Don’t knock it until you attempt it! Surprisingly, the two pair nicely along with darkish rum. Pineapple’s intense sweetness performs so admirably with cold brew’s natural bitterness.

Coast of Dufresne. Ever tried grapefruit and rum collectively? We extremely advocate it. You get three hits of grapefruit right here: juice, liqueur, and a wedge to garnish.

Sweet Liberty’s Piña Colada. You’ll be able to do a rum roundup without together with a Piña Colada. Right here is one with a twist: a float of sweet sherry and some espresso beans.